Our signature cosmetics join luxury color and smart science in every product. In fact, Colorescience® all-inclusive suncare + skincare + color formulations not only include proven good-for-you ingredients …

skin nourishing peptides & antioxidants,

good for you vitamins,

clean minerals,

micronized zinc oxide,

breathable titanium dioxide

We also conscientiously include high enough levels of each, so that you – our conscientious consumer – can be completely confident, about the effectiveness of your cosmetic choices, day in and day out.

We aim to help every woman achieve a flawless, even toned complexion and offer beautiful, timeless colors to accentuate your features and create the perfect look you desire.

Because at Colorescience we believe lasting beauty™ starts with healthy beauty.


Below are the building blocks used in most of the Colorescience product formulations:

  • Iron Oxides – Compounds of iron combined with oxygen that gives color to our formulations. Proven to be safe and gentle for skin
  • Mica – Gives a smooth, silky feel with excellent skin adhesion, coverage & long wear
  • Micronized Zinc Oxide – Blocks UV rays while naturally gentle for skin
  • Titanium Dioxide – Provides breathable and safe UV sun protection and excellent for sensitive skin

HEALTHY Colorscience Formulation

  • SPF 20 or higher
  • Clean, breathable minerals & mica
  • Antioxidants, peptides, vitamins
  • Safe for sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin

UNHEALTHY Typical Formulation

  • SPF less than 20
  • Dyes, fillers, alcohol, talc
  • Harsh chemicals, mineral oil, fragrance
  • Clogs pores and exacerbates/causes irritations, dermatitis
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